• Fully compatible with the tvLINK® system.
  • Designed for use with the latest version of SKY Receiver's
  • Allows your existing distribtuion system to continue to support tvLINK.

The iO-LINK creates a tvLINK enabled RF output for new SkyHD set top boxes with no RF2 output. Once installed the iO-LINK can be connected to a in home distribution system for viewing at multiple TV locations. For the control from distributed TV's a tvLINK (F101248) would need to be plugged inline at each TV point.

If you already have a global invacom distribtuion system then it is important to note that you must now power the amplifier splitter if using a T120 or T140 splitter with the new SKYHD receivers.. If you are unable to power the splitter locally you can remotely power using a F100549 DCI DC inserter & a F700010 12 Volt power supply.

download system diagram